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I build and run remote teams capable of shaping the future of cloud technology. We live in unusual times, bursting with opportunity despite world's growing complexity and turbulence. I work on this frontier, exploring new horizons in cloud technology.

founder of Financesonline


Sebastian Lambert founded FinancesOnline in 2014 as a privately held technology and online lead generation company. It was based on over 10 years track record and extensive experience in providing B2B Lead Generation Services to SME and large enterprises in the US, Australia, Canada, UK and other European and Asian countries. FinancesOnline is a web service that helps connect buyers and sellers of business software.

FinancesOnline Traffic 2014 to 2021

rapid growth

Over 12.2 million people used FinancesOnline in 2017 to find and compare virtually any kind of business software ranging from CRM to Project Management. Sebastian Lambert is also recognized for building high quality relationships and negotiating high yield outcomes. Through blending intense focus, business experience and innovative thinking with executive agility and resourcefulness he was able to deliver measurable results in key performance areas.

FinancesOnline Traffic 2014 to 2021

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Work Life Balance

These days, reaching proper work-life balance can seem like an impossible feat. However, modern technology makes workers accessible around the clock. When I talk about balance, not everything has to be understood as completion of a task, it also has to include self-care so that your body, mind and soul are being refreshed.

Underwater Archeology

Diving is my greatest source of joy, confidence and strength. As an underwater archeologist and rescue diver I took active part in expeditions to Guatemala, Croatia and Poland. Since 2018 I am the general sponsor of the Underwater Maya Project.

remote work

Why? There's several reasons. First, we can hire the best. Not just the best in my city, but the best of best in the world. Second, we’d much rather have our employees devote that extra time to their family, hobby or simply recharching their batteries.